Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Pilot Post

 The North is a lovely place to be...
The winters are long and dark, with air so frigid your lungs will ice if you even think about attempting to speed walk to the bus stop. When the ice road closes, our grocery stores are reduced to mainly meat and non perishables (I'm serious, my mother almost killed for the last broccoli). In the spring, the sun mocks all who are driven by their delusions to wear lighter jackets by shining gloriously, despite the biting wind. In the summer, residences are plagued by black flies and miskitos, and the only perfume anyone wears is called "bug spray" designed by Off. 

The Art community is incredible: From local artists to imported talent, the city at the end of the highway is where all the creatives seem to prosper. We have a field house, three ice rinks, an indoor track and multiple gyms. The people are incredibly generous, donating their time and supporting northerners young and old alike. The weather is wild but has a personality, she will use affection when there's a wind storm, sarcasm with the setting of the midnight sun. 

As for me, I share the love of my home with two other generations of Northerners. It is because of my mother's bedtime story regime that I have found a passion in words. 
Did I mention my father is a chef? Now contrary to popular belief this fact does not make being a vegetarian any easier. If anything it makes things three times more difficult because there is always some appetizing aroma of animal origin in our home. Both males in our family are carnivores who do not quite share the same opinions as I do when it comes to food choices, making for interesting dinners. Therefore, I've learned my way around the kitchen quickly and also happened to develop a love for baking. As readers you'll be subject to a few experimental recipes... so ready your spatulas!

Ironically, I'm writing about how brutal winter is while it's the first glorious sunny summer day outside in weeks. The daylight is gradually being reduced because it's after the summer solstice, but it still is bright late at night. However, I think I might just stealthily slip out, trying to stay unnoticed by the parental units, and wander beneath it's rays before I'm too old to be rebellious.  

All in all, my main goal is to fill you in on all the humorous, unusual and slightly random happenings taking place here north of sixty from the perspective of someone actually lives here (unlike most of the filmmakers who create cliche documentaries about our aboriginal heritage) .
Which, to some, might not seem all that interesting. But to even more who are confined indoors during the frosty months, I hope this blog will bring you a bit of entertainment.

Let the sun wrap you in it's warmth before school starts, and take a mental health day to the beach darlings. 

Arctic Hipster