Hipster Before Hipstering Was Cool

Four years ago the title "Hipster" was actually used as a compliment...

This blog is not about being a hipster. 
This blog is not about hipster stereotypes.
This blog is the result of a lucky accident, which involves arctic hipsters.

We take over coffee shops with our hysterical laughter. We live in the NACC, and we live on the Shorty Brown ice. We thrive in the blistering cold as well as beneath the midnight sun. We are the ones who arrive too early and stay too late. We belong to ourselves, and to the land that made us. 
To  be honest I began blogging because of the movie Julie and Julia. However, I started writing in journals before going viral, and this blog is a continuation of a project long coming. This is really an explorer's log, who may feel the need to throw in some corny jokes once and awhile.  After all, Growing up northern is an adventure in itself.
If you've happened to stumble upon this blog looking for pictures of polar bears I'm very sorry to disappoint you. . . mine died about three years ago. But if your still interested there are some nice pictures of wildlife (a.k.a. some arctic hipsters in a canoe), you can click the picture perfect moments page. 
After all, we're pretty lucky now, our Igloos come equipped with WiFi. 

Explore, Excite, Enjoy.

Arctic Hipster