Monday, January 16, 2012

The Ultimate Five Minute Blog Post

Dear Readers Who "Just Don't Have Time" Today,

You're in luck because this is going to be a fairly straightforward and compact post. 

Life has been moving quickly: Finished two three hour mental marathons (a.k.a. Departmental exams) thus my creativity has been temporally maimed, "Hamlet: Zombie Killer of Denmark" runs tonight in the blackbox theater and someone you may recognize is definitely running the light board, and Baby Brother Hipster has become Teen-Hipster making him fit the JB haircut even more.

In other news, there have been nice days weather wise (However,  I say this relatively, because up here -25 is pretty nice). The sun has decided to grace us with her presence, and so she deserves to be documented. We are gradually seeing more light, and those couple extra minutes make a difference indeed. It's hard to function when it feels as though everything is blanketed in darkness. Paired with the cold, the lack of light affects can cause the world to look more lonely than it actually is. The social climate changes with the time of year here. Although the continuous night allows for viewing of the aurora, it can drastically change a person's mood. 

So much for being straightforward!

"I wanna light up the sky, Light it up for you...."

Arctic Hipster

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