Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why, your face is so familiar but I've forgotten your name!

Dear Blog,

I'm afraid I've been seeing other networking devices.

I know this is hard to take in, but you had to have expected it. All this modern technology, these new time-waster apps, the ever handy Twitter and of course, the sick and twisted suductress known as Facebook, they've been keeping me away from you. So, I'm here to explain myself, and offer amendments for the neglect you've felt this past while.

This year has been difficult for the both of us.  School is number one priority (you've always claimed to understand that), and I must be honest, Math 30 is the course from Hell. I almost lost all hope of ever succeeding in mathmatics last year, then they decided to throw in a diploma exam this year. A small room packed with nervous teenagers desperatly writing down all that they can remember from the class they couldn't concentrate in: definitely not my idea of a good way to boost averages. On top of that, the ridiculous test was worth fifty percent of my final mark. So as you can see, my brain has been under constant academic fire. Therefore, I've been resorting to mindless entertainment to soothe the blows. For this, I apologize. No game of "Angry Birds" will ever replace the emotional and creative support you've given me.

Then again, how was I to know that you would change after I had left you?

All of these new gadgets, I can hardly keep up with you! I mean, now I can see you when I'm on-the-go, take you and spend time with you when I'm supposedly studying, it's all very overwhelming. But I have faith that we can move past these roadblocks and reestablish our solid relationship of creative outlet and aspiring writer. I promise you that I will make time for you at least once a week. Blog, you are becoming increasingly important now that university application due dates are looming closer. I trust that you are up for the challenge of becoming a portfolio, as I am for becoming a student.

Yours truly,

Arctic Hipster