Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Happy Fairy Day

Today, I lost my skirt.
How is that even possible in a public place you ask? How could I possibly be selfish enough de-robe in a high school beneath the glaring eyes of countless innocent bystanders? In what way is has such scandalously and controversial statement related to winged beings?
The Relay For Life made me do it! As you're probably aware, the Funky Fairies Relay for life team has been door to dooring, baking, coloring, creating, planning, volunteering, bargaining and harassing the general public in order to fund raise for the Canadian Cancer society's all night walk-a-thon this Friday. Our team is all girls under the age of seventeen, who have been affected directly or indirectly by cancer and want to make a change. Directed by our fearless leader Jeanne Yurris, The Funky Fairies have been working our wands off from the beginning of April to the second weekend of June for the last three years. Without a doubt, I can say it's easily one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. Working with motivated and positive people is enough to make anyone smile, but these girls are more than that. We support one another's endeavors and ideas, doing the best we can to help each other achieve them. These girls are kind and caring, I've never had a bad day where is was not made better by a Fairy Gram or an encouraging hug by a teammate. There is such passion in our group, a drive to seek out and aid. There is never an absence of help, from our team or for our team.
I'm pretty sure there is another law of attraction, that those who search to succeed are met with those who search to help succeed. There are some very amazing friends, students, family members, staff members and community members out there who have given us Fairies a greatly appreciated hand. We've had boys like Braden Redshaw and Kevin Durkee be so kind as to donate cookies to our bake sales and a wonderful student body to buy all of our creations. Teachers have allowed us to miss classes to set up and take down various fundraisers, without many questions asked. They have even gone as far as to donate to the cause.
Our families have the patients of saints. They have taken up the roles of chauffers to and from events. They have worn the chef hat and worn down the Bank Of Mom and Dad. But ultimately they've been our biggest cheerleaders.
It's no wonder that today we've raised over seven thousand dollars.
So when I misplaced my skirt today trying to change into a bright blue sparkly prom dress for a team picture with the Yellowknifer, I was glad. The Fairies and community have worked so hard for this, and I believe it's time to show pride in our accomplishments. So I wore my big poofy blue cupcake of a prom dress to third and fourth period. Today is fairy day for me, but anyday could be fairy day. Just don your crown and get out there to make a difference.

Let the sparkles and wings make you brave.

Arctic Hipster

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