Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Rearranger of the Proverbial Book Shelf....

Greetings from a mind set of far far away..

Guess what? My computer had decided to become a moody, over emotional and extremely difficult preteen. I suppose I should have guessed this, especially since my tired Mac is nearing the ninth year of existence. This does not excuse it's latest temper-tantrum... which ended up locking me out of two years of writing files. Now, perhaps I'm over reacting. Words are all recycled right? It's a blank slate to begin again. You could even go on a  High school Musical quoting binge, "It's the start of something new", "Just like kindergarten", and "Don't worry, we're all in this together!". 
The reality is that with the disappearance of those documents, is a loss of life. I'm writing a book, or, at least attempting to. There were original chapters, character descriptions right down to their blood type and poems "they" were going to write. It was a tangled up, dramatized, assortment of childhood dreams that I'd given birth to. Words that I'd loved. People that I'd loved. 
Technology being the marvelous stable database lost them, barred me from the world I'd created. Ironically, I'd written a poem the night before in my journal about the ridiculous dependence humanity has on such things. Karma sucks. Despite the bad luck, I'd thought I might share what is left of the lost and hopefully entertain with a tale about a violent storm. 

                                                                   The New Rain Coat
                                                                          Exploding Madness.
                                          Imploding Euphoria.
                                  Rushed, it conquers
                                                 The dream to which it's given birth
                                                                    twisted into nightmarish meanings
                                    for those who have transformed it.
                                    It roars with crazed fury,
                                    uprooting all manufactured nature,
                                                                                       Isolating Necessity
                                    Crushing false attachments and safety
                                                                  To awake the sleeping
                                                                  To breathe life back into the bored
                                                                  To kill unbelieving
                                                                  and reinvent the human soul.
           It's tearing down buildings
    Idols of the indestructible
                      Expired, Retired.
         Waters down possessions
                                 until the glass spills over.
                                                                    The storm rages
                                                                                           As Ending,
                                                                                                           To Begin Again.

Don't forget your umbrella,

Arctic Hipster

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