Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Official Sunday Slum is Removed

Dear Weekenders,

It feels like one of those days that really should be spent sleeping and eating, which might just be my adolescent body rebelling against late-night rehearsals and stressful amounts of school work. However, in order to satisfy this need of food and rest, I've created the following list of relaxing activities and accompanying snacks:

  • An hour of Yoga, followed by ginger tea with honey and a giant trail mix cookie
  • Being woken up from an afternoon nap by the smell of peanut butter and jam toast, made by someone I love
  • Cuddling with family while watching a movie,and munching on kettle corn
  • Eating M&Ms while having a bubble bath
  • Reading a book and snacking on apple and cheese 
  • Chowing down on pizza while catching up with friends
  • Baking cookies, then eating cookies :)
 For now, I'm about to snuggle with my mom and eat a brownie. 

May your Sunday be filled with warmth and food,

Arctic Hipster.

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