Wednesday, October 5, 2011

"Sign Me Up Sir!"

Good afternoon lovely readers,

Today is one of those days. They say happiness is a conscious choice, and so I'm fighting tooth and nail against fate trying to choose to be happy right now.
As the day progresses, it seems as though I'm digging myself deeper into a hole. Not only is it that disgusting half-rain-half-snow despicable type of weather out, Mother Nature has decided to make us extra miserable today by creating wind! But no, I awoke with a skip in my step this morning, unknowingly rushing out the open. Of course I was stupidly smiling when the wind whipped my jacket's hood against my face. That wasn't discouraging though. Nope, because I was set on being happy.
And then I got to school.
Now you know how when you're on a team, certain people inevitably get lazy and there's always that one person who picks up the slack? I'm that person.
Lately though, it doesn't even get to the point where everyone is assigned equal jobs and then some team members lose motivation. There's other people's crap on my plate when we start projects now. It used to start with an innocent question, a simple plea; so and so can't do this, would you be able to? And because I'm sympathetic (ie: a major sucker), I would try to help everyone out. Now the conversations go like this:

Chief: "Alright so I'll take this on. So and so can do that, and you can do this."

Annoying Team Member 1: "Oh. But I have this that night. Let's trade!"

Chief: "Okay. So She'll take mine and I'll take yours."

Me: "But that means I have two? I thought...."

Chief: "Yes but you can handle that much. Besides it needs to get done."

Me: "But I feel as though there's a bit of imbalance here. Can we ..."

Annoying Team Member: "Oh thanks so much! You'll do such a great job. I love how you always pull it together at the end."

That, my friends, is my life. Let me let you in on a secret though..... I AM SICK AND TIRED OF PICKING UP THEIR SLACK! I am not a maid. I am not any one's mother. For the most part, I'm a kind person. That does not mean I look forward to doing other people's stuff. I'll do it for the team, because I am a team player. The worst part of all of this though, is the fact that I was chided for helping someone out. Someone insulted me because they didn't do their job, and I had to fill in for them. Is that fair? No, it's not.
So this is me giving up on fair play. If you want something done, do it yourself!

Be an M.V.P.,

Arctic Hipster

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