Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"I Love my Crazy Friends"

The first time I saw a t-shirt with this statement printed on it, I was in Quebec roaming around with "The gang" and our exchange students. Honestly, I couldn't express how true that t-shirt is. Friends are possibly one of the most important parts of a person's life. That's next to family and breathing (however good friends would probably find you a gas mask or attempt to preform CPR if the need arised).
Not only do they hold your hand during needles, pull all the thorns out of your hair when you roll into rose bushes, share their food when you forget your lunch, make science fun by becoming "Periodic Table Ninjas" or call you at midnight to sing you happy birthday, there even exists wonderful fantastical people who will help you snag a bigger part in the play. That's right, you are reading Grandma Georgina's blog.
Although this might not seem too inexplicably amazing if you have not read the script for "Charlie and the Glass Elevator", try to imagine this:
An ancient Grandmother wearing nothing but a night shirt in all her wrinkly glory, speaking with a trailer park southern accent, floating in space and using her mouth as a jet propeller to gravitate in a glass elevator.
Yes, it's that awesome. A big thank you to "The Bucket" family.
I am eternally gratefully.

May we join hands, if we be crazy friends.

Arctic Hipster

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