Wednesday, September 30, 2009

When you don't know the answer.

I hate the feeling of not knowing the answer.
Be it on a test, or even just in a social situation, it frustrates me to no end. It 's like jumping of a cliff and realizing you have no idea how deep the lake your about to land in is. Not only is it too late to go back, but the situation could have been avoided if only you had taken the time to think about it.
I failed my learner's test, by one question. To make matters worse, I had circled the correct answer and crossed it off thinking it wrong.
People keep asking why I'm so sick, what I have, what is wrong with me. But I don't know. The doctors don't know either. I shiver, my heart races, my temp rises and falls more than the canadian dollar has in the last two years. My parents are worried, and my coughing keeps them up at night. I wish I could promise them I really am okay. But I don't know if I'm okay.
Today we had a line test in drama. I thought I knew all my lines. I studied religiously and memorized. Every night this week. 
But I forgot to highlight a line. Forgot to remember it. Forgot to say it.
And I Hate the feeling of not knowing an answer.

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