Monday, October 12, 2009

One missed call

At this very moment, there are probably a million things I need to be doing. Instead I'm blogging and having a stand of with the phone. 
Who will be the first to make a move? Will the phone ring before I dial his number?
For centuries women have awaited the call of their suitors, a letter, a wire or even a herald would give news of a lady's beau. They however, would probably have remained elegantly calm and collected. I just sound as if I've O.D. on cough sirup and taken up Belle's habit of talking to inatimate objects. Particularly communicating devices.  
How infuriating! Does the opposite sex not understand the amount of stress this habit of theirs creates? I have already downed three slices of cake. This my friends, is what we females call....
" Anger Eating!"
We devour any sort of high fat, calorie heavy food in sight. Tearing at pizza slices as if it was the problem or *ahem*the heads of the people causing the problem *Ahem Ahem* 
My goodness terrible this pneumonia. Just awful. Time for more cough sirup!
Anyhoo, I'm smothering my sorrow with sugar whilst my eyes are drawn to "No new messages" reading across my cellular device. Maybe he's having thanksgiving dinner? 
Er, or perhaps he started eating at twelve when he said he would call and is suffering from "Turkey Tired Syndrome". That's why he can't bother to pick up the phone. I bet he's so exhausted from digesting the poor bird his fingers can't even make dialing motions. That's exactly why. 


Or maybe this is a sign. Sometimes it's the conversations you don't have that are the ones that say the most.

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