Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Brighter Side to Addictive Personalities

Dear Addict,

That's right, I'm talking to you looking at the computer screen.

I apologize for the previous sentence fragment, but it was necessary to create a dramatic opening line. There's my addiction, incomplete things. I have the annoying tendency to leave a projects unfinished, to think and then be unable to completely express my thoughts. I love the idea of travelling, but I would rather pack my things and then spend my time going to one place, continually on the airplane waiting in anticipation rather than actually getting anywhere.

Some people are addicted to sugar, to exercise, to Angry Birds.

Yes, even Angry birds. My mom has actually begun dreaming about the silly iPod App. She even admitted to sleeping better after she had left the game alone for a couple of days. For the entirety of Christmas break the holiday calmness would randomly be interrupted with passion shouts of "You stupid little porkers!".
The first time she yelled at the screen Baby Brother Hipster and I practically died from laughing. Now every time she gets near the game we both look at each other and can't help but crack a smile. Perhaps the name just says it all. She does seem pretty angry at the pigs. She came up with some great improvements to the game as well. Ptarmigan birds could be thrown at the pigs to freeze them until they shattered.

In fact, the mother parental also made a good point about addictions. She said that addictive personalities don't relinquish their addictive habits, they simply move from one addiction to another. We have a family friend who tried to quit smoking by replacing cigarettes with yogurts. Apparently he would go for breaks with his buddies and take a silhouette with him, and his buddies caught on to the habit. He was able to give up the cigarettes, but his buddies just took a smoke as well as a snack break. Go figure.

There are lots of hazards addictions, don't get me wrong. However, some of them are a little bit comical. The following are a list of strange addictions and obsessions I've pulled off the Internet and taken a liking to:

  • Pagophagia: addiction to Ice
  • Geophagy: addiction to Dirt
  • Crackberry addiction: Guess. I dare you.
  • Pica: the opposite of a food addiction. Eating everything but food addiction including couch cushion, detergent and bleach.
  • Cat-Lady-Syndrome: addiction to cats and cat memorabilia (I may be guilty of this...).
  • Addiction to Hair Pulling
  • Compulsive Cleaning
  • Addiction to Teddy Bears
If that hasn't made you giggle, please check out this new addiction of mine. When Parents Text is definitely aimed for the younger demographic, but it'll have you giggling and snorting within the first five minutes. It's a website dedicated to fumbles on the texting device we used to call a cellphone.

Have a great Wednesday!

Arctic Hipster

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