Friday, January 6, 2012

Building Up the Library and Burning the Midnight Oil

Dear Creative Creatures,

At some point it all begins to sound the same doesn't it?

The melodies that once spun tales of broken heart strings are reduced to a formula. Novels that were the idols of sophistication and the solution to the human condition become words cleverly arranged on just another page. Colors that embodied the darker parts of an ulitmate truth seem nothing more than pretty pictures. Everything has been done, overdone, over-redone.

But not here, and not now. There is a place between places called a perspective, and it is one thing that has not been seen before. It is the life boat of an artist.

I challenge you to figure out yours, and I will explore mine, and then we will sail friends.

Fly the colors but don't tell them our names,

Arctic Hipster

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