Monday, January 30, 2012

Stealing the Fame: Lady Gaga in a Parka

Dear International Readers,

I may possibly be famous in your country.

Every year for the past five years the Funky Fairies have been helping to win the fight against cancer. We host bake sales, go door to door and look for other creative ways to raise money for the Relay for Life. Our total was $13,000 last year, with a grand total of $34,000 since 2008. Every member of our team has been affected by cancer in some way, but last year we took the cause even closer to our hearts. One of our friends and team member, a fifteen year old, had been diagnosed with throat cancer.

Not only was she forced to move in order to receive treatment, she would not be able to attend the Relay for Life. It is incredibly difficult to imagine the hardships she had to endure, especially so far away from the support of her friends. But she triumphed,recovered and celebrated: In a year she was cancer free.

Our entire team was disappointed to not have our friend with us, but felt in our hearts the importance of the Relay. She motivated us to double our fundraising goal.

The afternoon before the Relay our team was interviewed. We were asked why we participated, and half way through a teary eyed answer about our recovering friend she walked out from behind the news van.

The result? Sobbing, screaming teenage girls appearing on an episode of "Ice Pilots". The volunteers from the Relay helped bring up our friend and the producers of the hit show flew up her parents. Needless to say we were eternally grateful.

Therefore, the Funky Fairies are famous in foreign countries.

Basically, I'm like Lady Gaga but in a Parka.

Born This Way,

arctic hipster

P.s. Very much appreciating all the page views from Russia!

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