Monday, August 8, 2011

A Midnight's Dream

Dear Summer Enthusiasts,

My favorite part of living North of sixty has to be the midnight sun.

Yesterday my friends and I launched a nineteen sixty style boat, flew five feet after being flung off a three person tube and had a dinner party out on the deck : all underneath a blue sky. I got home around eleven and was greeted by a pink and salmon sky outside my bedroom window, but no sign of the sun setting anytime soon. The sun hung in the air, as though every summer student's wish for the weekend to last forever convinced him to extend the day by a couple more minutes. The reality is that we're slowly losing sunlight again, by approximately six minutes every day. So not only is school glaring at us on calender, the shortening days are a reminder that our freedom is slowly slipping away. The Nerd Herd (Note: this is a self-made title) is getting close to another freedom though, the ever anticipated graduation! With that in mind however, we might end up being even more desperate to hold onto the weekends that we can escape from parentals and bosses long enough to go camping and enjoy the magic of the midnight sun, before it's snatched by academic commitments.

There's just something about waking up to a room filled with light that makes a person hopeful.

Stay Bright!

Arctic Hipster

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