Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My "AH HA!" Moment of the Day

Dear Blog Addicts,

Assuming you attach a great importance to words considering you're taking time out of your day to read this, you probably feel the need to understand song lyrics. There's something infinitely satisfying about being able to explain the underlying meaning in an alternative rock song, or to catch the imagery in a love ballad. It's as though you're taking part of the songwriter's struggle, and with the appropriate music to add mood, a song can be a compressed novel... as long as it's well written.

Thus bringing me to my next point: who ever decided that quality music should incorporate auto-tune, the term "G6" or large besomed girls in the music video, should definitely get a different day job. I'm sorry, that is not an artist's work. That, is the result of a large bank account and a growing population who will stand for such laziness. Honestly, how is it possible that we are listening to this garbage on the radio when we have infinite access to thousands upon thousands of good artists? "I so sorry shorty" is not only terrible grammar, but is also a terrible way to apologize to a person you care about!

I don't mind rap, in fact I quite like the feeling when running off lyrics and blasting bass while driving. However, it's this new idea of acceptable pop that's so irritating. Music is a way to convey ideas to an audience, to share an opinion, to create an impression. An artist has the opportunity to shape the minds of a nation by using their creativity and intelligence. Who in the world thought that such a possibility for change should be left up to green pocketed selfish economists?! Just because it's catchy, doesn't make it good. Especially when you're eight year old cousin is singing a Ke$ha song about blow jobs: now that's underlying meaning.

Now I'm not saying that our society isn't listening to good music, one listen to Adele and you'll be convinced that we've bred a generation of geniuses. I am saying though, that the fact that itunes and record companies are getting more money than the artists who labour over albums is alarming. On top of that, they are teaching them that creativity should be limited to what sells, and what is popular.

So I say that we rebel against this, and look for local talent. Up here in the North we have songbirds like Leila Guilday, Rap Stars like Godson and even Youth Up-and-Coming stars like Jessie Trembley. So why sit there and listen to a computer generated formula when you can hear an artist actually sing their heart out?

If you wanna sing low, sing low.

Arctic Hipster

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